Is Your Biography Up To Par? How to Write a Useful Bio


Is Your Biography Up To Par? How to Write a Useful Bio

What is a bio? A bio is a short summary of your relevant background that you will use to introduce yourself in a variety of ways.

Where will you use your bio? Your website, networking, real estate directories, blog articles, marketing materials, listing presentation, buyers packets and so much more!

How to easily write your bio: Your Bio should be short and concise, listing only relevant information using these 4 elements.

1. Introduce Yourself: Start your bio by introducing yourself in the third person. For example, “Jane Smith is a freelance writer” rather than “I am a freelance writer.” State what year you started in Real Estate, such as “has been helping buyers and sellers in the Conejo Valley since 1999″ and list any areas of specialized expertise like Short Sale Export, GPS, etc.

2. Education and Credentials: List your education after the introduction sentence, including the name of any degrees you have earned and the institution you attended. Include any other relevant experience, such as additional certifications earned as well as the names of any professional organizations that count you as a member. This would include REALTORĀ®, CRS, SRES, etc.

3. Notable Achievements: State any notable achievements or awards earned. Keep the information relevant to Real Estate. the intended audience of the bio. This could include time served as a member of the ALC, KW Awards (Top Listing Agent 2016), Rotary or Chamber of Commerce recognition, etc.

4. Closing Statement: Conclude your bio by stating where you reside, such as “Jane Smith lives in Orlando, Florida.” Be sure to adjust your bio as necessary when your education, expertise or achievements change to reflect the most current information.

Here is a great Template to get you started on writing your bio: