Do you know how to add your Biography to your Placester website?


When our techs build out a Placester website for an agent without a personal biography, we can provide a generic biography on this page but, there are countless reasons to get started on your own biography today.

As awkward as it may to be write about yourself, writing a personal biography is not only custom content for your website that helps with your SEO, but writing your own biography is an opportunity to build your personal brand while introducing yourself as a real person.

This biography does not need to be a life story and shouldn’t be listed like a resume. Keep your biography short and sweet, be sure to highlight your skills while also conveying your passion for your career!

Click here to view our new Placester Guide! This guide will help you navigate the admin end of your Placester website and has recently been updated to reflect the new user interface that was released just a couple of weeks ago.