What To Know Before You Start Searching

Here is a list of things to know before beginning the rental process:

1. Your Credit Score:
Most rental applications will include a credit check and knowing your credit score beforehand will help to give you peace of mind.

2. Your Budget:
Having a grasp on your monthly budget can help narrow down the search for a property.

3. Your Timeframe:
Most leases are on a year-to-year basis and you may need to inquire about shorter timeframes with potential landlords in order to avoid any fees for breaking a lease.

4. Insurance Options:
Some property managers will require Renter’s insurance before approving an application which makes it important to know what your options for coverage are if that is the case.

5. Documentation Requirements:
Typically a rental application will require some sort of employment verification. A letter of employment, recent pay stubs, and even a tax return are some common options.

6. Your References:
Having reference letters on hand (especially from past landlords) will help you complete the rental application faster and secure your perfect place!


Brittany Piccirelli

Brittany Piccirelli


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